Growers Mixer Pack
Growers Mixer Pack

Growers Mixer Pack

CODE: 852948
Volume: 12*355mL

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Growers Mixer Pack is a unique beer released by the popular craft brewery, Growers. This special offering has become a fan-favorite amongst craft beer drinkers for its diverse range of flavors and refreshing taste. The Mixer Pack features four different beer varieties; a pilsner lager, an IPA, a wheat beer, and an amber ale. Each of these beers is artfully crafted and provides a unique drinking experience. The pilsner lager is a clear, light-bodied beer with a slightly sweet, floral aroma. The flavor profile blends mild grain and floral tones, making for an easy-drinking beer. The IPA is a classic India pale ale that is full-bodied, crisp and slightly hoppy. It has a deep golden hue and a malty, slightly sweet flavor. The wheat beer is a slightly cloudy, light-bodied beer with a fragrant aroma of citrus and clove. It's refreshingly light and fruity, with a touch of spice. Lastly, the amber ale is a deep-amber colored beer with a rich, toasty flavor. It has a medium body with a hint of hops balancing out its sweet notes.

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