Growers Pear Bottles
Growers Pear Bottles

Growers Pear Bottles

CODE: 743884
Volume: 6*330mL

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Growers Pear Bottles beer is a unique and refreshing beer from the Growers Brewing Co. This beer is light and fruity with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Its aroma is a blend of fresh pears and subtle notes of black currant. The flavor of this beer is largely focused on the pear flavor, which is slightly sweet but also slightly tart. The finish of this beer is crisp and dry. This beer pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes such as grilled shrimp, fish tacos, or even some simple pastas. Other foods such as soft and creamy cheeses like brie or goat cheese are complemented by the flavor of this beer. Growers Pear Bottles beer is best served cold and can be enjoyed any time of the year. Growers Pear Bottles beer is an easy and enjoyable beer for any occasion. Its light and refreshing flavor make it a great option for a casual evening at home or for a night out. If you are looking to enjoy a delicious and unique craft beer, Growers Pear Bottles beer is sure to please.

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