Guinness Draught (cans) 8-pack
Guinness Draught (cans) 8-pack

Guinness Draught (cans) 8-pack

CODE: 554469
Volume: 8x440mL

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The Guinness Draught 8-Pack is a delightful selection of smooth, creamy Guinness Draught beer. This 8-pack of cans allows you to enjoy a full-bodied, nitrogen infused Guinness Draught anytime, anywhere. Each can is filled with a perfectly blended mix of roasted malts, hops, and a touch of bitterness that will please the palates of even the most discerning beer connoisseur. The milky-black color and creamy white head of Guinness Draught creates an eye-catching presentation in every glass. The slight hints of coffee, chocolate, and roasted flavors introduce a complexity to the rich beer experience. Finishing with a lightly bitter taste, a Guinness Draught 8-Pack is a great choice for an outdoor gathering or a night in with friends. Each can in the Guinness Draught 8-Pack contains 11.2 fluid ounces, and is the perfect size to pour alongside traditional pub snacks like pints of nuts, potato crisps, and other savory treats. Making a Guinness Draught 8-Pack a part of your next gathering will be sure to delight your guests. With enough beer for everyone, nobody has to worry about running out before the night is over.

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