Hardy Vsop Cognac
Hardy Vsop Cognac

Hardy Vsop Cognac

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Volume: 700ML

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Hardy VSOP Cognac is a premium brandy from France. Hardy VSOP is aged for a minimum of four and a half years in oak casks, resulting in a smooth, mellow flavor. The golden-amber hue of Hardy VSOP Cognac greets you with inviting aromas of toasted oak and molasses, complemented by delicate scents of dried fruit, and soft flavors of warm vanilla and spice. Hardy VSOP is a blended Cognac, which means it is a blend of several single growths or crus of the Cognac region of France. The cognacs used to make Hardy VSOP are eaux-de-vie distilled exclusively for Hardy. Hardy VSOP is a blend of prestigious crus such as Grande and Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fin Bois, and Fins Bois. The taste of Hardy VSOP is complex yet well-balanced, boasting a full-bodied flavor that is both woody and soft. The flavor of this Cognac finishes off with subtle notes of spice. Hardy VSOP can be enjoyed neat, or in cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, or layered in a Sidecar.

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