Havana Club Cuban Smoky
Havana Club Cuban Smoky

Havana Club Cuban Smoky

CODE: 836405
Volume: 750ML

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Havana Club Cuban Smoky is a rum made from a blend of aged rums from Cuba, and is renowned for its unique character and flavour. It has an aroma of smoke wood, cocoa and some fruity notes, whilst the palate is rich and smooth, full of flavour. On the finish, the smoke lingers on together with hints of dark chocolate and molasses. Havana Club Cuban Smoky is best enjoyed neat, over ice or as part of a classic Cuban cocktail like a mojito or Cuba Libre. The complex and smoky flavour of the rum is perfect for adding depth and complexity to classic rum cocktails, as well as providing an interesting twist to new and exciting cocktail creations. The Havana Club Cuban Smoky is an excellent all-rounder, that can stand on its own with ice, or alongside a wide range of mixers and ingredients. A great choice for any occasion, it is a truly versatile spirit that will always impress.

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