Haymans Smith & Cross Rum
Haymans Smith & Cross Rum

Haymans Smith & Cross Rum

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Volume: 750ML

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Hayman's Smith & Cross Rum is an award-winning traditional Jamaican rum distilled in the heart of Jamaica's historic Port Royal at the historic Smith & Cross Distillery. Created in the authentic old-style Jamaican rum style, each batch of Smith & Cross is aged in oak barrels to bring out the distinct and unique flavors of the Jamaican rum. Smith & Cross is a flavorful blend of pot and column still rums made from sugar cane molasses, then aged in oak barrels for up to 3-4 years. This gives the rum its signature color and taste. The rum has strong aromas of tropical fruits and spices, and a bold, slightly sweet, and robust flavor, with notes of pineapple, ginger, nutmeg, and oak. The quality and flavor of Hayman's Smith & Cross Rum is well known throughout Jamaica and is said to represent the true taste of traditional Jamaican rum. Many of Jamaica's best-known rum masters have worked with Smith & Cross to create their acclaimed quality.

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