Heineken Lager (cans)
Heineken Lager (cans)

Heineken Lager (cans)

CODE: 71126
Volume: 6*330mL

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Heineken Lager (Cans) provides an easy-to-enjoy international beer experience. Brewed with the same premium ingredients since 1873, this classic lager is a refreshing, golden-colored brew that features delicate notes of hop and mature fruity aromas. This long-fermented and carefully-crafted lager has a clean, crisp finish with a slightly sweet palate. The pilsner-style is cold-filtered for extra harshness and flavoring without sacrificing any of its smoothness or drinkability. Perfect for the stylish, modern beer drinker, Heineken Lager (Cans) is the ideal choice for those looking for a smooth, sophisticated brew. Enjoy the widely-available cans (or bottles) at a variety of clubs, bars, restaurants, and social gatherings. The signature green and gold label and distinct taste have made Heineken a perennial favorite choice for many.

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