Hendricks Gin Neptunia
Hendricks Gin Neptunia

Hendricks Gin Neptunia

CODE: 866754
Volume: 750ML

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Hendrick's Gin Neptunia is a special addition to the Hendrick's Gin portfolio. Developed by master distiller Ugur Sahin, this artisanal gin is crafted using a combination of seven carefully distilled botanicals. Blended with carefully-selected juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, cubeb berries, orris root, lime and lemon peel, and cucumber, this one-of-a-kind gin creates a unique flavor profile sure to please your taste buds. The name was influenced by Greek mythology and is a tribute to the Greek god of the sea, Neptune. It embodies all the elements the ocean has to offer – wildness, unpredictability, untamed energy, mystery, richness, and beauty. Hendrick's Gin Neptunia has a distinct flavor profile which is herbal and citrusy, initially giving off a salty brininess on the nose while a hint of roasted seaweed lingers. On the palate,this gin will take you on a journey of juniper and angelina up front, a citrusy flavor mid-palate, and a finished kick of cucumber and earthy notes.

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