Hennessy Very Special 750ml
Hennessy Very Special 750ml

Hennessy Very Special 750ml

CODE: 8284
Volume: 750ML

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Hennessy Very Special is a blend of more than 60 eaux-de-vie carefully crafted from the cellars of Maison Hennessy. This Cognac is supple and smooth, with aromas of ripe apricot, fresh grapes, and a hint of vanilla. Hennessy Very Special is the Cognac of choice for drinks like the Manhattan, John Collins, and Whiskey Sour. It's an iconic expression that has been enjoyed for generations, and is the perfect choice for any occasion. For an extra special touch, Hennessy Very Special is specially packaged in a limited edition crystal decanter. This luxurious decanter is the perfect way to display your Hennessy Very Special Cognac. It will make a stunning addition to any home bar, and is sure to be appreciated by any Cognac connoisseur. Hennessy Very Special is a sophisticated way to enjoy Cognac, and will become the centerpiece of any celebration.

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