Hennessy Vsop Nba Edition
Hennessy Vsop Nba Edition

Hennessy Vsop Nba Edition

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Volume: 750ML

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Hennessy VSOP NBA Edition is a limited-edition cognac from the premium cognac maker Hennessy. It was created as part of a collaboration between Hennessy and the National Basketball Association (NBA). The concept was developed to celebrate the NBA season and to provide a more exclusive drinking experience. The limited-edition cognac comes in two bottle designs. The first bottle has a black and gold label featuring the NBA logo and the words "NBA special edition product of Hennessy". The second bottle has a green and gold label and features a silhouette of an NBA player dribbling a basketball. The label also says "A premium product of Hennessy". The cognac itself is aged for a minimum of 4 years in French Oak casks. This aging process gives it a smooth finish and a full-bodied flavor that is smooth and rich. The flavor profile of Hennessy VSOP NBA Edition has aromatics of fruits and flowers. On the palate, the cognac is sweet and intense, with zesty citrus notes balanced by a vanilla creaminess and hints of oak and spice. Hennessy VSOP NBA Edition pairs well with savory dishes like steak and aged cheeses.

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