Highland Park Cask Strength No.2
Highland Park Cask Strength No.2

Highland Park Cask Strength No.2

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Volume: 750ML

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Highland Park Cask Strength No.2 is an exceptional scotch, distilled in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. This is a cask-strength whisky, and it is bottled without any chill-filtration, meaning it retains all its natural flavor and oils, giving it a smooth, creamy, slightly smoky flavor. The whisky comes from casks that have been carefully selected from the Highland Park warehouse, so it is of exceptional quality. It is then filled into casks that are nurtured and matured by their expert Distillery Manager, giving them a smooth and rich flavor as well as a lingering finish. As a result, it has a wonderful aroma of heather, honey, and peat. The Highland Park Cask Strength No.2 has a bit of a spicy taste, yet it is still smooth. It is a great way to try an exquisite Scotch and enjoy the distinct character emanating from it. Its natural oils and its unique aging process make for an amazing tipple whether you decide to sip it neat or with a bit of ice.

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