Highwood Rum
Highwood Rum

Highwood Rum

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Volume: 750ML

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Highwood Rum is a small batch, handcrafted spirit made in Jamaica using the finest local sugar cane, fresh spring water and traditional methods. The rum is aged for three to five years in 300 liter charred virgin white oak barrels before it is bottled for a truly unique flavor. The result is an exquisite, smooth taste that is sure to please any rum enthusiast. The rum is blended in a unique way to reach the desired flavor profile, resulting in a high proof and full-bodied spirit that provides a great taste with a hint of sweetness. Highwood Rum is perfect for sipping neat or enjoyed with a mixer, and is a great addition to any cocktail. With its slightly sweet flavor, it is the perfect accompaniment for drinks that traditionally call for a lighter-bodied rum, such as a Daiquiri or Mojito. The mellow complexity of Highwood Rum also makes it ideal for use in cooking, adding rich flavor to desserts, as well as a variety of savory dishes. It can be enjoyed either neat or with a mixer, and is sure to add a unique touch of Caribbean flavor to any meal or cocktail.

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