Innis & Gunn Caribbean Rum Cask
Innis & Gunn Caribbean Rum Cask

Innis & Gunn Caribbean Rum Cask

CODE: 801541
Volume: 6*330mL

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Innis & Gunn Caribbean Rum Cask is an innovative beer crafted by Scotland-based craft beer brewery Innis & Gunn. This craft beer is a robust dark ale infused with real Caribbean rum to give it a unique, captivating flavour. This ale is brewed using traditional Scottish techniques and is crafted with a single malt whisky-style finish to provide a full, mellow flavour. The ale is aged in oak barrels which effectively locks in the unique flavours and aromas. The ageing process also adds depth and complexity to the flavour profile, creating an incredibly flavourful and unique beer. The ale is dark amber in colour and has a rich, malty flavour combined with a hint of spice, vanilla, and treacle (a type of syrup). There are also nuanced flavour notes of dried fruit, oak, and rum. The aftertaste of Innis and Gunn Caribbean Rum Cask is sweet and smooth but has a slightly bitter finish. Innis & Gunn Caribbean Rum Cask is a unique and delicious beer. It has rapidly become a popular craft beer, often associated with excellence and distinction.

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