Ironworks Bluenose Rum
Ironworks Bluenose Rum

Ironworks Bluenose Rum

CODE: 766330
Volume: 750ML

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Ironworks Bluenose Rum is a small-batch craft rum that is distilled in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is produced by Ironworks Distillery which was founded in 2009 by three local entrepreneurs, Karl Janson, Andrew Macdonald and Axel Cowan. The distillery is housed in the former Pomquet Dairy, which has been part of Lunenburg since the 1800s. The Bluenose brand is named after Canada's most famous sailing ship, the Bluenose, which was seen as a symbol of maritime heritage, strength and pride. The distinct flavour of Ironworks Bluenose Rum is created using a selection of premium quality spices, molasses and pure Canadian white sugar which is fermented for several weeks. It is then double-distilled in an alembic-style pot still, which produces a spirit that is exceptionally pure, smooth and creamy. Because Ironworks Bluenose Rum is a craft spirit, its production methods and recipes follow strict standards in order to ensure consistency and quality.

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