Isle Of Raasay Single Malt
Isle Of Raasay Single Malt

Isle Of Raasay Single Malt

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Volume: 700ML

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The Isle of Raasay Single Malt whisky is a unique product that reflects the island’s distinctive heritage. Hand-crafted and fiercely independent, this single malt from the Isle of Raasay is deeply rooted in island tradition. Made using quality malted barley from Scotland’s national identity, it is distilled and aged in small oak casks, giving it an incomparable flavor and aroma unlike any other single malt whisky. The whisky is produced by the Isle of Raasay Distilling Company, which was established in 2017. It is crafted by a team of passionate local artisans whose aim is to bring out the unique character and identity of the whisky. All of the grains used to create this whisky are carefully selected and maltetd in Scotland’s traditional process. For aging, the whisky is placed in small casks that are filled with toasted French oak chips that have been specially chosen for their softening, mellowing influence. This combination of ingredients is what gives the whisky its distinctive flavor profile. The Isle of Raasay single malt whisky is a unique expression of the island’s past and its people.

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