J. Lohr Merlot 'los Osos'
J. Lohr Merlot 'los Osos'

J. Lohr Merlot 'los Osos'

CODE: 550327
Volume: 750ML

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J. Lohr Merlot Los Osos is a robust and flavorful red wine made with grapes grown in the rolling hills of California's Central Coast region. The wine has a deep red hue and a full body that is intensely concentrated with aromas of ripe, dark fruit, black pepper, and a hint of oak. It features ripe, blackberry and currant flavors, a hint of berry sweetness, and a smooth, velvety finish. This robust yet delicate varietal pairs well with grilled meats, mushroom dishes, roasted vegetables, and creamy pastas. For those who enjoy a full-bodied red, J. Lohr Merlot Los Osos is sure to please.

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