Jack Daniel's Triple Mash
Jack Daniel's Triple Mash

Jack Daniel's Triple Mash

CODE: 866353
Volume: 700ML

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Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Whiskey is a unique blend of mature Tennessee whiskey which has been triple distilled. This unique aging process gives the whiskey a smooth, mellow flavor with hints of toasted oak, vanilla, and caramel. The whiskey features a nose of cherry and toasted oak, followed by a palate of smooth vanilla and molasses with a hint of lingering spice. It is made from a mash exactly the same as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, consisting of 80 percent corn, 12 percent rye, and 8 percent malted barley. Jack Daniel’s TripleMash gets its unique flavor profile from the three distillations, which are each made utilizing a combination of three different mash bills. The single barrel whiskey undergoes its first distillation in copper pot stills, its second through a column still, and its third through two custom-made “co-dale stills.” The result is a smooth whiskey featuring distinctive notes of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak. In addition to its unique flavor, the whiskey has a robust finish with hints of lingering spice.

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