Jack Daniels 1.14l
Jack Daniels 1.14l

Jack Daniels 1.14l

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Volume: 1.14L

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Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky 1.14L is a classic American whiskey produced in Lynchberg, Tennessee. This whiskey has been around since 1866 and is made from a special recipe of whiskey mash developed by Jack himself. It is charcoal-mellowed and aged in white oak barrels. This whiskey delivers a smooth taste, robust flavor, and distinctive character. For those who enjoy a strong drink, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky 1.14L provides a full-bodied whiskey experience. This whiskey has a golden color with a taste of caramel, vanilla, and oak. It has a mellow finish and a slight hint of smokiness. The whiskey has a robust and full-bodied profile and is considered a classic among whiskey connoisseurs. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky 1.14L is a great way to enjoy a classic American whiskey in an easy to store, convenient package. It pairs perfectly with cigars or with your favorite whiskey-based cocktails. It serves well as an after-dinner tipple, as an ingredient in a mixed cocktail, or as a sipping whiskey enjoyed neat.

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