Jackson-triggs Ps Sauvignon Blanc
Jackson-triggs Ps Sauvignon Blanc

Jackson-triggs Ps Sauvignon Blanc

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Volume: 4L

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Jackson-Triggs Proprietors Selection Sauvignon Blanc is a stylish and stimulating white wine from the passionate winemakers at Jackson-Triggs. Driven by craftsmanship and an unyielding commitment to quality, every bottle is the culmination of countless meticulous steps in the winemaking process. This Sauvignon Blanc is produced from remarkable vineyards near the winery’s estate in the Okanagan Valley, Canada. Hand-picked in the early morning to capture the fruit's peak of ripeness and flavor, the grapes are pressed and separated from their skins. The juice delicately ferments in stainless steel tanks under chill temperatures, preserving the luscious varietal aromas. Upon tasting, it is graced with aromas of gooseberry, nectarine, and ripe tropical fruit. Its inviting palate offers a delectable, balanced blend of yellow watermelon and earthy flavors with a crisp, bright finish. Whether with seafood dishes, salads, or as an aperitif, Jackson-Triggs Sauvignon Blanc is sure to bewitch your palate. This delicate and delicious wine is an excellent choice for leisurely evenings shared with friends and family.

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