James Eadie Trade Mark 'x' Ii
James Eadie Trade Mark 'x' Ii

James Eadie Trade Mark 'x' Ii

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Volume: 700ML

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James Eadie Trade Mark 'X' II is a Scotch whisky produced by the independent bottler James Eadie. The 'X' in the name refers to the Roman numeral for 10, indicating that this is the second iteration of the Trade Mark 'X' expression.

This whisky is a blended malt, meaning it is made from a combination of single malts from different distilleries. The exact composition of the blend is not disclosed, but it is said to feature malts from various regions of Scotland. The whiskies used are aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.

Trade Mark 'X' II is described as having a rich and fruity character, with notes of red berries, citrus, vanilla, and toffee. There are also hints of spice and oak from the maturation process. The whisky is bottled at a relatively high strength of 46% ABV, which allows the flavors to come through with more intensity.

Overall, James Eadie Trade Mark 'X' II is a well-balanced and flavorful blended malt whisky that showcases the skills of the independent bottler. It is a limited-edition release, so availability may be limited.

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