Juyondai Bessen Hakutsuru Nishiki
Juyondai Bessen Hakutsuru Nishiki

Juyondai Bessen Hakutsuru Nishiki

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Volume: 1.8L

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Juyondai Bessen Hakutsuru Nishiki is a high-quality sake produced by the Juyondai brewery in Japan. The term "bessen" translates to "special selection," indicating that this sake is made using only the best ingredients and techniques. "Hakutsuru Nishiki" refers to the specific type of rice used in the production of this sake.

Juyondai is known for its premium sake, crafted with great attention to detail. The brewery uses only the highest quality Yamadanishiki rice, which is regarded as one of the best rice strains for sake production. The rice is carefully polished to remove the outer layers, resulting in a pure and refined flavor.

Juyondai Bessen Hakutsuru Nishiki has a rich and complex flavor profile, with notes of melon, peach, and rice. It has a smooth and clean finish, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate the nuances of premium sake.

Due to its limited production and high demand, Juyondai Bessen Hakutsuru Nishiki can be quite expensive and difficult to find. It is often considered a luxury sake, reserved for special occasions or as a gift.

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