Kentucky Owl Confiscated
Kentucky Owl Confiscated

Kentucky Owl Confiscated

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Volume: 750ML

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Kentucky Owl Confiscated whiskey is a special release by Kentucky Owl, a renowned bourbon brand. This whiskey is named "Confiscated" to pay homage to the Prohibition era when Kentucky Owl was forced to shut down its operations and have its barrels confiscated by the government.

The Kentucky Owl Confiscated whiskey is crafted using a blend of whiskeys aged between 10 and 12 years. It is bottled at a cask strength of around 96.4 proof (48.2% alcohol by volume), giving it a robust and full-bodied flavor profile.

Tasting notes for Kentucky Owl Confiscated whiskey include hints of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and oak. It is known for its smoothness and balanced flavors, making it a favorite among whiskey enthusiasts.

As a limited edition release, Kentucky Owl Confiscated whiskey can be quite rare and sought after by collectors. It is often highly regarded for its exceptional quality and historical significance.

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