Ketel One Vodka
Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One Vodka

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Volume: 750ML

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Ketel One Vodka is a premium vodka brand that was first introduced in 1983 by the Nolet Distillery in the Netherlands. It is made from 100% wheat and is distilled in copper pot stills, resulting in a smooth and crisp vodka.

The name "Ketel One" refers to the practice of distilling vodka in traditional copper pot stills, known as "ketels" in Dutch. The number "one" is meant to symbolize the brand's commitment to producing only the highest quality vodka.

Ketel One Vodka is known for its clean and neutral flavor profile, making it versatile and suitable for a wide range of cocktails. It is also popular for being exceptionally smooth, with no harsh burn or aftertaste.

In addition to its classic vodka, Ketel One also offers a variety of flavored vodkas, including Citroen (lemon), Oranje (orange), and Botanicals (various botanical flavors).

Overall, Ketel One Vodka is highly regarded for its craftsmanship, quality, and commitment to traditional distilling methods. It has won numerous awards and is a favorite among vodka enthusiasts.

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