Kill Devil Panama Column Still
Kill Devil Panama Column Still

Kill Devil Panama Column Still

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The Kill Devil Panama Column Still is a traditional pot still used for the production of rum. It is named after the beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where the Wright brothers conducted their flight experiments.

The Panama Column Still is a type of continuous distillation apparatus. It consists of a series of vertical columns, each filled with trays or plates. The first column, called the analyzer column, is where the fermented sugarcane juice or molasses is introduced at the top. The liquid flows down through the trays, while steam is introduced from below. This causes the alcohol to evaporate and rise up through the trays, while impurities and water stay behind.

The vapor then passes into the next column, called the rectifier column, where it condenses and flows back down to the bottom. This process is repeated as the vapor rises through each column, becoming increasingly purified with each pass. Eventually, the vapor reaches the top of the last column, called the condenser column, where it is condensed again and collected as a distillate.

The Kill Devil Panama Column Still allows for the continuous production of rum, with a constant flow of distillate being produced. This results in a smoother and more consistent spirit compared to batch distillation methods.

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