Kingston 62 White 1.14l
Kingston 62 White 1.14l

Kingston 62 White 1.14l

CODE: 844392
Volume: 1.14L

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Kingston 62 White is a brand of Jamaican rum. The "62" refers to the alcohol percentage, which is 62% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). The "White" indicates that this rum is clear in color, as it has not been aged in barrels. 

In terms of flavor, Kingston 62 White is known for its strong and intense taste. It has distinct notes of vanilla, coconut, and tropical fruits, with a slightly sweet and spicy finish. This rum is often used as a base for cocktails and mixed drinks, as its high alcohol content allows it to stand out in cocktails and add a kick to the drink.

Overall, Kingston 62 White is a rum that is enjoyed by those who prefer a bold and powerful rum experience. Its high alcohol content and unique flavor profile make it a popular choice for those looking for a strong and flavorful rum.

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