Maman Brigitte Blended Rum
Maman Brigitte Blended Rum

Maman Brigitte Blended Rum

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Volume: 700ML

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Maman Brigitte Blended Rum is a premium rum that is crafted in Haiti. It is made from a blend of aged rums that have been aged for a minimum of five years in oak barrels. The rum is named after Maman Brigitte, a prominent figure in Haitian Vodou who is often associated with death and the afterlife.

Maman Brigitte Blended Rum is known for its smooth and rich flavor profile. It has notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, with a hint of spice and tropical fruit. The rum has a medium to full body, with a long and lingering finish.

This rum is best enjoyed sipped neat, or it can be used as the base for cocktails such as the classic Mai Tai or Rum Punch. It is also a great rum to use in baking or cooking, adding a depth of flavor to recipes.

Overall, Maman Brigitte Blended Rum is a high-quality rum that showcases the craftsmanship and tradition of Haitian rum making. Its unique flavor profile makes it a standout choice for rum enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

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