Metas Kinetic Lager 15pk (cls)
Metas Kinetic Lager 15pk (cls)

Metas Kinetic Lager 15pk (cls)

CODE: 875978
Volume: 15*355mL

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- ABV: 4.5%
- Style: Lager
- Pack size: 15 cans
- Country of origin: United States
- Description: Metas Kinetic Lager is a crisp and refreshing lager with a balanced malt and hop character. It has a light golden color with a moderate to high carbonation. The aroma is clean and subtle, with notes of grain and a hint of floral hops. On the palate, it is clean and smooth, with a light to medium body. The flavor is well-balanced, with a mild malty sweetness and a gentle hop bitterness. The finish is clean and dry, leaving a refreshing aftertaste. This beer is perfect for easy drinking and pairs well with a variety of foods.

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